Question about Payment or Login

Question about Payment or Login

Before ask any question, please check frequently asked questions.

+ Unable to receive any e-mail after subscribing

Signup mail may have been to a spam folder. Please check the spam folder. If you don't see anything in the spam folder, please check your provider may be blocking the e-mail. Please read here and Contact Form below.

+ Used wrong e-mail address

If you have used a wrong e-mail address, please contact us including your identification with correct or new e-mail address..

+ Can't login

The signup e-mail has Login ID and Password. Please check the e-mail first. If you still can't login, there are a password reminder link on the login page. Please read though below if your situation matches.

* Membership is expired alread?
* Wrong Password is being used?
* LoginID or Password contain a space?
* Please use alphabet or digits only for the password.
* Lower case L or digit 1 is sometimes confusing.
* Finally, please try to copy and paste the excat loginid and password shown in the signup-email.

+ Tell me how to cancel

After you login, On "my page" -> Membership Status, you will be able to request a cancellation.

Visit cancellation form.
* Login is required.

+ Error during processing payment

If you experience any error during payment, you will receive a e-mail. Please use the link to signup.

If you experience any other issue during payment, please check your e-mail. If the signup is completed, you will receive a confirmation mail.

If you don't receive any e-mail, please visit here.

If you can't find your question, please read through frequently asked questions. You may find a solution.

Visit Frequently Asked Questions.

Please contact us if you still can't resolve your issue after reading frequently asked questions.

We need to confirm your identity when you ask a question about login or payment. Please provide your information in detail below.

If you do not know the information, please keep it blank. But it could cause a potential delay.

* This page is for question about payment or login. If you ask any other question, you won't receive a reasonable response. Please contact appropriate location.

If you have a question other than Payment or Login, Please contact Tokyo-Hot.

* means required field to input

Please input N/A, if you have not subscribed.

If you have already subscribed, please input your e-mail address that you have used. If your e-mail address doesn't work anymore, Please leave the information in the message section.

If your e-mail address is wrong, you may not receive any reply. Please double check. If you still do not receive any reply, please read this page, and contact us after adjusting spam filters.

Please input the last 4 digits of your credit card used during sign-up.
If you are not sure which card, please provide alternative digits in the message section.

For example, 1234567. input without any hyphen.