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Before ask any question, please check frequently asked questions.

+ Do you support smart phones?

Tokyo-Hot supports smart phones to provide video streaming service.

+ Does streaming video work on PC as well?

Unfortunately, the streaming service is available only for smart phones. PC users can download videos instead.

+ Unable to download a video

If you can't download video suddenly, please check if you haven't exceeded your daily limit. Please check below only if you haven't exceeded your daily limit and you can't download.

* Please check your disk storage space left.
* Please check "sleep" or "hybernation" mode on you PC.
* Some old router doesn't support download a file more that 2GB. Please update your router accordingly.
* FAT File System can't handle a file more that 4GB. Please use NTFS or any other file system to support large files.
* Please try to use another browser. It could resolve your issue.

+ Unable to play a video

It's usually working fine with Windows Media Player, but if you can't use it,
Please use VLC or any other player. If you still can't play, It's most likely your PC is experiencing an issue.
Please use another PC.

+ Download speed is very slow.

Download speed is very slow or getting slower, it could be cause by a route change. If the issue is the route, We can switch back to better route for you. Please check here before you contact us.

If you can't find your question, please read through frequently asked questions. You may find a solution.

Visit Frequently Asked Questions.

Question regarding Login, or Payment, Please contact JSKY

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Please contact us if you still can't resolve your issue after reading frequently asked questions.

If you are experiencing any issue, we are eager to resolve your issue as soon as possible. Please describe your computer environment.

* If you have a question regarding login, or payment, please contact JSKY.
* means required field to input.

If you don't have Login ID, please input N/A

If you have already subscribe, please input your e-mail address that you have used. If your e-mail address doesn't work anymore, Please leave the information in the message section.

If your e-mail address is wrong, you may not receive any reply. Please double check. If you still do not receive any reply, please read this page, and contact us after adjusting spam filters.